Use the most trusted brand in International Air Express Shipping.

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Use the most trusted brand in International Air Express Shipping.

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Dedicated Account Manager

We understand that every business needs custom logistics solutions. That is why account holders have a dedicated DHL Certified International Specialist to help.

Dedicated Pick up


If you are an account holder with frequent shipping needs, you don’t need to call us everyday to book a pick up. We’ll drop in to check if you have any.

Weekly Billing

We understand how important it is for businesses to keep good cash flow. That is why we only bill you weekly and extend a 7 day credit period for payment.

Hyper care

International Express Shipping can be complicated. That is why we put your initial shipments on hyper care to ensure you have a hassle free experience

Advanced Shipping Tools

Wouldn’t it be great if you have access to tools that automate your shipment document preparation, give you information on landed costs and lot more? As an account holder, you have access to all these tools for free!

Stay Updated

As an industry leader, we ensure that our customers are constantly updated about changes in regulations, industry trends and other key information that’s important to your business.